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Ongoing uprising | Residents of Jabal Al-Arab participate in mass demonstration in Al-Karama square, calling for the toppling of Bashar Al-Assad

Al-Suwaidaa province: SOHR sources reported that residents from Shahbaa city and the areas of Mardak, Qanawat, Quraya, Salkhad, Araman, Melh, Al-Maqran, Amtan and Al-Majdal have been flocking to Al-Sayr/Al-Karama square in Al-Suwaidaa city centre to participate in today’s mass demonstration. The demonstrators chanted anti-regime slogans, such as “we do not want you, Bashar,” “Syria wants freedom,” “leave Bashar,” as a part of the ongoing uprising in south Syria.


As the revolutionary movement in Al-Suwaidaa continues for the second consecutive month, the demonstrators called for applying a political transition, enhancing the concept of the decentralization, implementing the International Resolution No. 2254, toppling of the Syrian regime and its president, Bashar Al-Assad, and improving economy and living conditions.


The demonstrators also lifted placards with slogans written on them, some of which read “Syria and its children want the Resolution No. 2254 to be implemented,” “the word of ‘security’ spreads feeling of peace and confident in every place around the world, but in Syria, it triggers fear and panic,” “save our children.”


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported the demonstrators in Al-Sir/Al-Karamah square in the centre of Al-Suwaidaa renewed their affirmation on the continuation of the peaceful demonstrations on a daily basis, where dozens of civilians participated in a demonstration demanding the departure of the head of the regime, the fulfillment of the legitimate demands of the demonstrators and the implementation of Resolution 2254.


The demonstrators lifted placards with slogans that read: “You can kill the revolutionaries, but you cannot kill the revolution”, “The unity of Syria’s land and people is a demand for all free people”, “Implement Resolution 2254” and “We demand the freedom not improving the slavery situations.”