The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Demanding expulsion of Iranian-backed militias and release of detainees | Residents stage sit-in protests in Daraa countryside

Daraa province: The residents of Daraa Al-Balad and Al-Jyzah towns in eastern Daraa countryside staged sit-in protests demanding the overthrow of the Syrian regime and Bashar Al-Assad, release of detainees, the expulsion of Iranian-backed militias, expressing their solidarity with the peaceful uprising in Jabal Al-Arab in Al-Suwaidaa city, in addition to calling for political change and implementing of the UN Resolution No.2254.
The protesters chanted anti-regime slogans and hold banners with slogans written on them that read: “Yes for the expulsion of Iran and its militias”, “Freedom is for the detainees.”

Earlier today, SOHR sources reported that residents from Shahbaa city and the areas of Mardak, Qanawat, Quraya, Salkhad, Araman, Melh, Al-Maqran, Amtan and Al-Majdal have been flocking to Al-Sayr/Al-Karama square in Al-Suwaidaa city centre to participate in today’s mass demonstration. The demonstrators chanted anti-regime slogans, such as “we do not want you, Bashar,” “Syria wants freedom,” “leave Bashar,” as a part of the ongoing uprising in south Syria.

As the revolutionary movement in Al-Suwaidaa continues for the second consecutive month, the demonstrators called for applying a political transition, enhancing the concept of the decentralization, implementing the International Resolution No. 2254, toppling of the Syrian regime and its president, Bashar Al-Assad, and improving economy and living conditions.