The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Following bloody clashes | Military Police members deploy in Al-Hamran Crossing

Aleppo province: Members of the Military Police deployed in Al-Hamran Strategic Crossing between areas of SDF-held areas and factions of the Turkish-backed National Army, after a temporary solution was reached between the Second Division Faction of the Turkish-backed National Army and Ahrar Al-Sham that is affiliated to HTS, which controls the crossing.

Yesterday, Ahrar Awlan Faction that is affiliated with H*T*S launched a violent attack on positions of Ahrar Al-Sham Movement in Thalthana Village in Al-Bab countryside, where Ahrar Awlan managed to take control over the village following violent clashes between both sides, while other groups of Ahrar Awlan are sieging Abla Village, where a group of Abo Haidar Maskana is stationed that is affiliated to the Second Division of the National Army.