The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

With no security guarantees | Three families leave Al-Rukban “forgotten” Camp towards regime-held areas.

Three families, two of which are from Deir Ezzor and the other belongs to Bany Khalid Tribe, left Al-Rukban “forgotten” Camp that is located at the junction of borders between Syria, Iraq and Jordan, towards regime-held areas, due to lack of medical care and deteriorating social and economic conditions, with no security guarantees for them.

The three families comprise 11 persons.

On August 20, a family from Palmyra city left Al-Rukban camp in the Syrian desert, near the border area between Syria, Jordan and Iraq in the 55 kilometer de-confliction zone, for regime controlled areas in Damascus without guarantees protecting them from being arbitrarily arrested by regime forces. This coincided with the poor health and medical care in the camp.