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Attempting to cross border | Syrian Smuggler shot dead by Lebanese border guards coinciding with clashes with group of smugglers

A 33-years-old young man from Homs city, who works in smuggling, was killed a few days ago by Lebanese border guard forces, where he was shot while attempting with a group of young men to cross the Syrian-Lebanese border, at a time when the Lebanese border guard forces clashed with a group of smugglers.
The young men pulled the young man’s body towards the Syrian territory.
In this context, Palestinian activists in Syria warned against the danger of crossing the Syrian-Lebanese border illegally, which could lead to shootings, resulting in deaths and injuries.
The Lebanese Border Guard forces continue to tighten the border with Syria to prevent the influx of more Syrian refugees seeking a safe haven, despite the racist policy applied against Syrian refugees in Lebanon, deportation campaigns and security restrictions.
On September 17, SOHR reported that a woman was shot dead and her little daughter was injured after being directly shot by gunmen, while they were attempting to cross Syria-Lebanon border seeking safe haven.
The dead woman hailed from Al-Shamytyah town in eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.
However, there is no clear information about the identity of the killers if they are armed gangs responsible for the human smuggling operations in the region, or Lebanese border guards.