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Renewing peaceful demonstrations | Residents in Al-Karamah square demand abolition of Al-Baath Party’s domination of the local administration

Al-Suwaidaa province: In light of the continuation of the uprising of Jabal al-Arab’s residents after entering its second month, the demonstrators in Al-Karamah Square are affirming their rightful demands, calling for the abolition of Al-Baath Party’s domination, the stepping down of Bashar Al-Assad and overthrowing his regime and the implementation of the International Resolution 2254.
The demonstrators lifted placards with slogans that read: “Abolishing Al-Baath Party and its dominance over the local administration and official and representative institutions is a suspended constitutional right”, “Real representation in active local administration is an opportunity to participate and develop under a real election law.. A real and serious opportunity to build Syria” and “Demobilization and cancellation of reserve orders without conditions and restrictions is a right for the future of our children”
Yesterday, SOHR reported that demonstrators gathered in Al-Sir\Al-Karamah square, under the slogan of “Syria wants freedom”, in light of the continuation of the uprising of the residents of Jabal Al-Arab for the second consecutive month.
After their movement entered the second month, the demonstrators call for a political change, achieving a transitional rule, implementing the UN resolution 2254, strengthening the concept of decentralization, departure of Al-Assad and his government and improving the living and economic situation in the country, amid lifting pictures of national symbols.