The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Homs | New movements of regime forces in Talbisah city create confusion among its residents

Homs province: SOHR sources, in Talbisah city in the northern countryside of Homs, have reported that members of the regime forces were working on establishing a military post from the ranks of the “Third Corps” on the road between Talbisah-Al-Rastan cities in Homs countryside.
Accordingly, members of the regime forces began working to prepare and equip the military post this afternoon, amid a state of alert that the security detachments witnessed, coinciding with the state of tension among the civilian street.
A local source from Talbisah city in the northern countryside of Homs told SOHR that initial reports indicate that regime forces are preparing to deploy additional posts aimed primarily at protecting Homs-Hama highway, which has become a source of livelihood for kidnapping and robbery gangs, whose members are deployed in a number of rural villages in Homs province.
The source noted that the claims of the regime forces do not support them in any way, warning the residents of the city not to approach or cross the new posts, until the confirmation of their sincere intentions, given that most of the residents in the region are those who have failed to perform compulsory and reserve military service, in addition to the presence of requests against the rest of them in the interest of the security branches.
The Syrian regime forces had reinforced their military checkpoints located in the vicinity of Talbisah city, as is the case of Al-Zafaranah junction and Maluk checkpoints, in addition to the establishment of a checkpoint belonging to the “Third Corps” on the eastern outskirts of the city, specifically on the road leading to the Al-Saan and Al-Hashimiyah area.