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Aleppo | Clashes renew on five frontlines in Ekhtareen countryside to control Al-Hamran strategic crossing

Aleppo province: The frontlines of the villages of Al-Numan, Jadod, Al-Wash, Thulthana and Batjak in Ekhtareen countryside in northern Aleppo have witnessed the renewal of clashes with heavy and medium machineguns between “Ahrar Awlan” faction that affiliated to HTS on one hand and :Al-Sultan Murad” Division on the other hand, amid the displacement of civilians and the closure of roads.

These clashes aim to take control of the strategic Al-Hamran crossing, which is a focal point of contention between HTS and pro-Turkey factions.

Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that the clashes renewed between Al-Sultan Murad division and the HTS-allied Ahrar Olan faction, on the frontlines of Baraan and Al-Wash in Akhtrin countryside, north of Aleppo, and the frontline of Tel Batal in Al-Bab countryside, east of Aleppo. The clashes accompanied by exchanged targeting with machineguns.