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Ongoing security chaos | Young man stabbed to death following quarrel among young men in Jarmana camp in Rif Dimashq

Rif Dimashq province: A young man stabbed to death with a sharp tool and others sustained various injuries due to a dispute among a group of young men evolved to a brawl in Jarmana camp in Rif Dimashq.
The brawl also led to the burning of a house before regime’s security patrols arrived to break up the dispute and investigate the incident.

The Syrian Observatory has documented 156 murders in regime-controlled areas since early 2023, where domestic violence and armed robbery were behind some of these murders, while motives behind the others remained unknown. These murder crimes left 173 fatalities: 39 women, 115 young and adult men and 19 children. The fatalities are distributed regionally as follows:
Rif Dimashq: 25 murder crimes left three women, two children and 19 men dead.
Latakia: 18 murder crimes left nine men, nine women and five children dead.
Al-Suwaidaa: 23 murder crimes left three children, 16 men and four women dead.
Homs: 13 murder crimes left nine men, a woman and a child dead.
Hama: 15 murder crimes left a child, 12 men and a woman dead.
Daraa: 19 murder crimes left 16 men and five women dead.
Damascus: 11 murder crimes left three women, a child and seven men dead.
Aleppo: Ten murder crimes left three children and five women and four men dead.
Deir Ezzor: 15 murder crimes left two children, two women and 14 men and dead.
Al-Hasakah: One murder crime left one woman dead.
Al-Qunaitrah: One murder crime left one young man dead.
Tartus: Four murder crimes left two women and a little girl dead.
Idlib: One murder crime left five civilians dead.