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Exchanged attacks | Tel Tamr Military Council fire two thermal missiles on positions of National Army and latter responds with three shells

Al-Hasakah province: Members of Tel Tamr Military Council that is affiliated to SDF fired two thermal guided missiles on positions of the National Army within “Peace Spring” area in Al-Arisha Village in Tel Tamr countryside north western of Al-Hasakah. Amid information regarding casualties among both sides.

As a response, the National Army fired mortar shells on Al-Tawela, Tel Al-Tawela and Abo Raseen Villages in Tel Tamr City. However, no casualties were reported.

On September 19, Tel Tamr Military Council fired a guided missile on the Turkish-backed Al-Hamza Division in Al-Qasimiya Village in Tel Tamr countryside north western of Al-Hasakah, killing two members and injuring eight others of Al-Hamza Division.