The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al-Hasakah | Officer in Special Task Forces kil-led in clas-hes with “National Defence” militia in security zone

Al-Hasakah province: An officer with the rank of captain, who was a member of the special task ranks of the regime forces, died of wounds he sustained in the clashes that took place a few days ago, between the regime forces and the NDF in the security zone in Al-Hasakah city.
The clashes ended after regime forces took control of the security zone on September 22, and the elimination of members of the National Defence militia and its leader, Abdul Qader Hamo, who was supported by the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian militias, after he was trapped in a tunnel within the “villa”
On September 23, SOHR reported that the regime-backed militias, which supported it throughout the period of military operations are in a state of confusion, as questions increase about their fate and whether the regime will work towards ending them in all areas of its control, implementing an agenda or getting rid of them, after having been among its most important affiliated forces during these years.