The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Repelling “H-T-S” att-ack | Leaderships in “National Army” incite viol-ence, figh-ting, bom-bings and stri-king camps

SOHR obtained voice recordings of leaderships in the Turkish-backed factions, expressing fear of the arrival of HTS and its control over areas in Aleppo countryside.
One of them stated that, Issam Buyadani, the commander of Jaysh Al-Islam urged the factions of the third Corps to repel the attack of HTS, Al-Golani and factions loyal to them, saying: “We mined our women and children” in preparation for the confrontation.
In a voice recording of Abu Walid Al-Azzah, a leader in “Al-Sultan Murad”, he urges attacking the camps.
As the clashes continue, hundreds of families from several villages and towns in Aleppo countryside were displaced, due to shells fell on the residential neighbourhoods of the civilians, amid appeals by the residents to open safe corridors for the people to leave those areas.