The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Cla-shes with smugglers | Another regime soldier kil-led in Jaroud al-Qalamoun in Rif Dimashq

Rif Dimashq province: Another regime soldier was killed due to the clashes erupted yesterday, between a group of smugglers on the one hand, and members of “border guards” forces of the regime on the other one, in Jaroud Al-Qalamoun in Rif Dimashq.
Yesterday, SOHR reported violent clashes with light and medium weapons erupted between a group of smugglers and members of the regime-backed Border Guards, in Jarod Al-Qalmon in Rif Dimashq, leading to the death of a member of the regime-backed Border Guards.
On August 9, unidentified gunmen opened fire directly on two members of “Hisn Al-Watan” forces of the Lebanese Hezbollah, where they are prominent drug dealers in Jarod Al-Qalmon area, and they were killed immediately in Hawsh Arab in Al-Qalmon Al-Gharby area in Rif Dimashq