The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Flare grenades | Regime forces clash with unidentified gu*nmen in Daraa countryside

Daraa province: SOHR activists have monitored violent clashes with light and medium weapons between a group of unidentified gunmen and a military checkpoint of the regime on the road between Nawa and Barka Towns, amid reports of casualties coinciding with regime forces firing flare grenades in eastern of Tel Om Huran eastern of Nawa, in search of wanted gunmen.

On July 3, SOHR sources reported that regime forces brought in a military reinforcement convoy to the south of Tafas city in western Daraa countryside. The convoy arrived at the “chips” factory and Abo Na’em olive presser in the south of the city.

This coincided with massive military mobilization by regime forces for launching a military operation targeting farms and plains in the area between Tafas city on one hand, and Al-Mezereeb and Al-Yaduda towns on the other in western Daraa countryside, searching for suspects and cells responsible for assassinations in Daraa.