The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After spread of anti-regime phrases | Political Security and Military Intelli-gence arr-est three young men in Rif Dimashq

Rif Dimashq province: Members of a joint patrol of the military intelligence and the political security arrested three young men in Al-Hamah town in the western countryside of Rif Dimashq, following the spread of anti-regime phrases on the walls of Al-Shamiyah neighbourhood in the town, where they were taken to one of the political security centres in the capital Damascus, and their fate is still unknown.
Meanwhile, regime’s officers threatened the residents of Al-Hamah town in case if they re-wrote anti-regime phrases.
The Syrian regime fears a wave of popular protests, and instead of working to improve the situation, the regime continues to apply the policy of security grip through launching security campaigns on a daily basis and carrying out arbitrary arrests of young men and men on charges of planning to stage demonstrations and others who denounce the catastrophic living situation.
On September 9, SOHR reported that the arrest of 53 people by regime security services over those accusations in different Syrian provinces since early September.