The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Days after vio-lent clas-hes between conflicting parties on Al-Hamran crossing | Cautious calm prevails in areas of northern and eastern countryside of Aleppo

Aleppo province: SOHR sources reported that cautious calm had returned to the areas that witnessed violent clashes between groups affiliated to HTS and factions within the “National Army” in the northern and eastern countryside of Aleppo, with the aim of controlling the strategic Al-Hamran crossing, which is considered the focus of the conflict.
The calm came after HTS and its affiliated groups took control of (Al-Bouraniyah – Shainah – Al-Sabuniyah) in Jarablus countryside, and (Tanouza – Haj Kusa – Al-Dhahiriya) villages in Al-Bab countryside, in addition to imposing their control on villages in the northern countryside such as (Ahtimlat – Shadoud – Soran – Dabiq – Baraan)
The Syrian Observatory documented the death of 16 people during the clashes: Nine of the “National Army” factions and seven of Ahrar Al-Sham.
Besides, Al-Marj camp in Ahtimlat in Aleppo countryside witnessed a displacement movement of residents towards the agricultural lands, after the camp was targeted with mortar shells, in addition to the exposure of the civilian houses in Dabiq village in Akhtarin countryside, north of Aleppo, to a bombardment with mortar and RPG shells, amid appeals by residents to open safe corridors for them to leave the conflict areas, particularly after both sides used missiles and heavy weapons within the residential neighbourhoods, and blocking all mobile roads between the areas they are conflict on.
Furthermore, Soran, Ahtimlat, and Dabiq towns also witnessed the displacement of hundreds of civilians to the agricultural lands, amid the blocking of roads from Izaz to Jarablus.
Factions of the Turkish-backed “National Army”, together with another section affiliated with HTS, ceded control of Al-Hamran crossing, accompanied by continuous security alert, large reinforcements and the deployment of checkpoints on the roads, under the gaze of the Turkish forces, which in turn deployed tanks and armoured vehicles on the roads.