The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Amid escalating drug business along Syria-Jordan border | Who is responsible for killing drug dealers in Daraa?

Drug business is active in Daraa and its countryside by drug traffickers where they smuggle drugs through border points outside Syria to Lebanon, Jordan and other countries then to Gulf countries.
Most of those drug dealers work under the supervision of Lebanese Hezbollah and are linked to commanders of regime forces to get financial gain, aiming to promote these dangerous materials among Syrians in order to get financial gain.

It light of ongoing security chaos in Daraa province , many drug dealers, civilians, combatants, and members of local factions were killed and injured due to targeting them by unidentified gunmen.

Drug trafficking operations are active in southern Syria, where these operations are supervised by drug traffickers belonging to Lebanese Hezbollah, regime security services.
In light of significant spread of drug business along Syria-Jordan border the question remains: Who is behind the killings of drug dealers in Daraa?

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has documented the increase of the attacks and assassination operations which carried out by unidentified gunmen targeting drugs dealers. These attacks have left 25 drug dealers dead.