The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Seeking safe haven | Turkish “Jandarma” brut-ally ass-ault two young men while crossing Syrian-Turkish border

Al-Hasakah province: Members of the Turkish border guards “Jandarma” brutally tortured two young men from Al-Qamishly, after they crossed the Syrian-Turkish border, in the early hours of Thursday, seeking a safe haven, which caused them severe injuries, and they were thrown towards the Syrian territory, despite their serious health condition.
According to SOHR sources, a shepherd took them to Al-Derbasiyah clinic, and because of their deteriorating health condition, they were transferred to Al-Qamishly hospitals.
Turkish border guards (Jandarma) continue their violations and violent bushbacks against Syrian civilians seeking a safe haven, where the Turkish Jandarma do not hesitate when it comes to preventing Syrians attempting to cross the border strip between Syria and Turkey through gunfire and brutal torture which civilians who are arrested on the border endure. Ironically, the most of smuggling operations of Syrians are carried out after coordination between smugglers and officers of the Turkish Jandarma, after receiving large sums of money.