The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Less than 72 hours | war rem-nants cause de-ath and inj-ury of five people including children in regime-held areas

War remnants, including mines, explosive and non-explosive objects, continue to be a big concern to civilians, leaving casualties in large geographical areas of Syrian territory, amid the failure of organizations and local authorities to remove them, to reduce their risks.
In less than 72 hours, the Syrian Observatory documented the death and injury of five people within regime-held areas, and they are as follows:
– A civilian was killed in the eastern countryside of Daraa
– Two children were injured in Inkhel city in the northern countryside of Daraa.
– A young man was injured in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.
– A child was killed in Hama countryside.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights renews its call to the relevant international organizations to work on the removal of these remnants from Syrian territory in light of the dangers they pose on the lives of the population, as they are very widespread and threaten the lives of civilians on a daily basis, especially as all military parties on Syrian land continue to plant mines and IEDs.