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With anti-air missiles | Turkish forces conduct military exercises for 150 members of National Front in “Putin-Erdogan” area

Turkish forces carried out exercises for members of Turkish-backed factions in Idlib countryside within “Putin-Erdogan” area, where 150 members of the National Front of the Liberation were trained with three types of anti-air missile launchers that are carried on the shoulders, in the military base in Al-Mastoma Town near Idlib City “Al-Tala’ae’ Camp.”

It is worth noting that the Turkish forces previously conducted exercises with anti-air weapons and different heavy weapons before.

On August 20, the Administration of the Turkish forces instructed to replace all commanding officers present in the military checkpoints in “Putin-Erdogan” area, where this process including high-ranking officers as they were replaced by new officers from outside the region.

This took place in a surprising manner with no information regarding the reasons behind this decision.

It is worth noting that Turkish forces work on moving the officers that are present in “Putin-Erdogan” area to different military positions every six months as a security measure.