The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Supported by International Coalition planes | Anti-terrorism units carry out security operation in Al-Raqqa countryside

Al-Raqqa province: Anti-terrorism units of SDF, supported by International Coalition’s air force, carried out an airdrop operation to pursue ISIS cells near Al-Rabi’a Village in Al-Raqqa.

According to reliable SOHR sources, helicopters were flying over Al-Tabaka and Al-Raqqa Cities and the road between them, while explosions were heard in the region with no information regarding the targeted cells.

On September 9, SDF and Anti-Terrorism units, supported by the International Coalition in Kurdistan-Iraq region, launched a security operation and arrested the official of the Tribal Office and the Emir of ISIS’ Islamic Bank after sieging his hideout in Al-Raqqa City, where his name is “Abd Al-Ghafour Tabr Al-Ziyab” and also known as “Abo Amir”, who supplied ISIS with weapons and equipment to launch operations in SDF areas, while weapons and military equipment that were in his possession were confiscated.