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After damaging his picture in eastern countryside | Residents of Salkhad city remove pictures of head of regime in southern countryside of Al-Suwaidaa

Al-Suwaidaa province: Today, residents of Shalkhad city in the southern countryside of Al-Suwaidaa removed pictures of the head of the regime, “Bashar Al-Assad”, inside the government hospital in the city, in addition to the removal of the front banner bearing the name of “Al-Basel” Hospital and a statue of “Hafez Al-Assad” in a government building.
This came hours after damaging the picture of “Bashar Al-Assad”, the head of the Syrian regime, in Bark village in the eastern countryside of Al-Suwaidaa province, while residents of Qem village in the western countryside had removed the statue of “Hafez al-Assad” in the village square.
Moreover, residents of Melh town in the southern countryside replaced the name of “Al-Basel” park with its new name “Al-Amal” park, coinciding with the closure of the headquarter of the regime-backed Al-Baath party division in Salkhad city in the southern countryside of Al-Suwaidaa, in a peaceful way and with an agreement between the members of the division and the protesters.
Meanwhile, Al-Sir/Al-Karamah Square is still witnessing continuous popular protests, after entering its second month, calling for the departure of the head of the Syrian regime and the overthrow of its government, the implementation of the UN Resolution 2254, the achievement of a political transition, the promotion of the concept of decentralization and the building of a democratic national political body that preserves the right to citizenship and protects the rights of the Syrian fabric with all its sects.
Today, the protesters lifted placards with slogans that read: “From Al-Karamah square in Al-Suwaidaa to Al-Zabadani, the lung of Damascus, you are in our hearts” ” May Skaf, the icon of the revolution, a greeting from soul to soul”
Also today, a large delegation from the region’s tribes visited the house of the spiritual head of the Unitarians, under the slogan: “We will remain the faithful guardian of the peaceful movement until the demands of the Syrians are fulfilled”, and as an affirmation of the unity of the province’s people of all their sects.