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Confirming working for benefit of region | Residents in Hajin town stage sit-in protest against intervention of regime forces and proxy militias in region

Deir Ezzor province: Several people staged a sit-in protest today in Hajin town in eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, condemning the attempts by regime forces and their proxies to form a formation called “Jaish Al-Asha’er” to destabilise the region and inciting sectarian strife between Kurds and Arabs, supporting the strong bonds between them and confirming working for the benefit of the region.


The protesters expressed their rejection of this intervention through a statement read during the protest, of which SOHR obtained a copy, and it stated:


“We, the residents, dignitaries, intellectuals and members of councils and institutions in Deir Ezzor strongly condemn and denounce the interventions of regime forces and Iranian-backed militias in our areas under the name of ‘Jaish Al-Asha’er.’


These interventions aim at destabilising the region, spreading terrorism in our areas, and stirring up strife among the constituents of the region, especially between Arabs and Kurds.”


“We call for unity and solidarity among all constituents to confront these malicious schemes, where the region has witnessed an influx of weapons and violence, and we declare our full support to SDF for siding with people, supporting them and undertaking responsibility for fighting terrorism and defending the security and safety of liberated areas.


“We affirm that SDF represent us and work for the benefit of our people in the region. We urge all political parties and the international community to support and appreciate the efforts of SDF in combating terrorism and achieving stability in the region.”


“We reaffirm our unity and maintaining the national sovereignty and pledge to exerting all possible efforts to defend the security and safety of our regions and preserve our priceless heritage and culture. We will not allow any party to interfere in our affairs.”


The protesters expressed their support and solidarity with the uprising in Al-Suwaidaa province.