The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Anti-HTS protests five month on | Residents call for release of detainees in HTS prisons

Protests staged by women against Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) continues for the fifth consecutive month in HTS-controlled areas in Idlib and Aleppo countryside. In this context, several women protested today in Al-Saharah village, calling for the release of detainees held in HTS prisons, as they had been arrested on different charges, the most prominent of which were the “belonging to Islamic Party of Liberation and cooperating with ISIS cells.”


Meanwhile, protests were staged in refugee camps in the southern countryside of Aleppo and the areas of Kafrah, Tarmanin, Atareb, Azaz, Suran, Al-Bab, Al-Saharah in Aleppo countryside, the camps of Al-Karamah Gathering, the camps in western Atmah, Deir Hassan camps, Atmah city and Killi in Idlib countryside. the protestors called for the release of detainees and condemned the practices of HTS, including arbitrary arrests, trespassing houses and intimidating peaceful civilians, as they described.