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Backed by Coalition Forces | Anti-terrorism Forces kill ISIS member and arrest two others, including Emir, in Al-Hasakah countryside

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR sources have reported that the SDF-backed Anti-terrorism Forces, carried out a security operation, backed by International Coalition aircraft in Markadah town in the southern countryside of Al-Hasakah on September 30, targeting an ISIS cell of three members, including an Emir (a top commander).


According to security sources, members of the Anti-terrorism Units besieged the house where the members of the ISIS cell were hiding, where clashes erupted between the two sides. The clashes led to the arrest of two members, while the third was killed, as he showed fierce resistance and refused to surrender.


This comes less than 24 hours after a similar operation carried out by SDF, backed by International Coalition Forces, in western Al-Raqqah on September 29 when SOHR sources reported that an ISIS commander was arrested in a security campaign by Anti-terrorism Forces and International Coalition Forces, with the participation of Coalition helicopters, in an area in Ya’rib farms, nearly 14 kilometres to the west of Al-Raqqah city near makeshift camps on the road between Al-Tabaqah and Al-Raqqah cities.


The commander had showed fierce resistance, before he was arrested, as clashes erupted between the commander and the security forces and lasted for nearly an hour.


The security campaign came after monitoring the commander’s movements in the area which hosts camps accommodating displaced civilians from Palmyra, Al-Sukhnah, Aleppo and Hama and which several ISIS commanders and members of ISIS cells hide in.


Moreover, the Coalition airdrop coincided with sounds of explosions, amid frequent flights by Coalition helicopters over Al-Tabaqah and Al-Raqqah cities and the road between them.