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Following interruption of electrically-generated amperes for days | Owners of shops in Amuda city go on general strike, protesting decision of raising diesel price

Al-Hasakah province: Tens of the owners of shops in Amuda city’s market in Al-Hasakah city have closed their shops, protesting the increase in the price of diesel allocated to private power generators in the market. It is worth noting that the owners of generators have suspended electrically-generated amperes feeding those shops with electricity for three days, because of the increase in diesel price.


On September 26, SOHR sources reported ongoing protests in Al-Qamishli city, where residents and activists participating in the protests opposed the decision of raising diesel price and called for revoking the decision, amid calls for staging protests on a daily basis until the revocation of the decision. This came after most of petrol stations in towns and cities in Al-Hasakah province had run out of diesel almost completely, although officials of the Autonomous Administration vowed to secure diesel, after having raised its price by 250 up to 450 percent.