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Al-Suwaidaa | “Al-Liwaa Al-Suri” distributes humanitarian aid in eight villages

Al-Suwaidaa province: SOHR sources have reported that the civil defence bureau of “Al-Liwaa Al-Suri” opposition party distributed foodstuffs in Al-Suwaidaa countryside as a part of a campaign covering several villages. The foodstuffs were distributed in the following eight villages: Al-Quraya, Al-Ghariyah, Zaybin, Al-Raha, Barad, Um Al-Rumman, Kherbet Awwad and Al-Maghir.


It is worth noting that “Al-Liwaa Al-Suri” established several bureaus and institutions to be alternatives of regime institutions, after the failure of the governmental institutions to administrate the region’s affairs due to corruption.


In September, SOHR sources reported that the team of the bureau of labour and municipalities of “Al-Liwaa Al-Suri” opposition party started working in the neighbourhoods of Al-Suwaidaa city to protect residents from the outbreak of diseases. This coincides with piling garbage in streets, where the party attempts to cover the shortfall which is a by-product of corruption in the governmental institutes and contribute to constructing alternative institutions.


This came after “Al-Liwaa Al-Suri” party had set a plan, according to which the party’s members formed a service committee divided into four groups; each group comprises 100 employees entrusted with specific tasks, in order to contribute to establishing alternative institutions for serving the society and easing off burdens of the residents. Those employees have been distributed to the defence bureau, the bureau of the water institutions and other service bureaus.


The most prominent tasks of the recently-formed committee are manifested in securing services which are supposed to be provided by municipalities in all neighbourhoods of Al-Suwaidaa city, including evaluating the city’s roads and neighbourhoods and removing garbage.