The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Having been kidnapped a month ago | Civilian released in Daraa countryside for ransom of 750 million Syrian pounds

Daraa province: SOHR sources have reported that a gang released a civilian from Bosra Al-Sham city in Daraa countryside, a month after having been kidnapped on the agricultural road in Al-Jizah town.


The man, who works in a motorcycle store, was released after the gang had taken a ransom of 750 million Syrian pounds, equivalent to 55,000 USD.


Similarly, another young man from Al-Ghariyah Al-Sharqiyah in Daraa countryside was released for a ransom which value remains unknown, a month after having been kidnapped.


On September 29, SOHR sources reported that members of a gang kidnapped a young man from Etman Town in northern Daraa countryside and stole his car near Jalin Town western of Daraa, and his fate remains unknown.