The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Armed robbery | Gang storms a farm in Hama and clash with the guard leaving one kil*led

Hama province: An armed gang comprising nine people stormed a farm in Hama countryside to steal its contents, where clashes erupted between them and the guard of the farm. One of the gang members was killed and the others were arrested by the security services.

The Syrian Observatory has documented 163 murders in regime-controlled areas since early 2023, where domestic violence and armed robbery were behind some of these murders, while motives behind the others remained unknown. These murder crimes left 183 fatalities: 42 women, 121 young and adult men and 20 children. The fatalities are distributed regionally as follows:
Rif Dimashq: 26 murder crimes left five women, three children and 20 men dead.

Latakia: 18 murder crimes left nine men, nine women and five children dead.

Al-Suwaidaa: 23 murder crimes left three children, 16 men and four women dead.

Homs: 14 murder crimes left 11 men, two women and a child dead

Hama: 18 murder crimes left a child, three women and 16 men dead.

Daraa: 20 murder crimes left 15 men and six women dead.

Damascus: 11 murder crimes left three women, a child and seven men dead.

Aleppo: Ten murder crimes left four men, three children and five women dead.

Deir Ezzor: 16 murders crimes left two children, two women and 15 men dead.

Al-Hasakah: One murder crime left one woman dead.

Al-Qunaitrah: One murder crime left one young man dead.

Tartus: Four murder crimes left two women, a little girl and a man dead.

Idlib: One murder crime left five civilians dead.