The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

100 million Syrian Liras as bribe | Security services of the regime release two members of kidn*apping gangs in Homs

Homs province: The security services of the regime released two people from Talbisa City who belong to an armed group that works on kidnapping people for ransoms.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the two members were released a short time after being arrested, while they were heading towards Tartous in the Syrian coast with weapons and grenades in their possessions.

Talbisa City in northern Homs countryside witnessed a state of security mobilization among the civilians following the extensive shooting by members of the gang, while no security stations in the city interfered to secure the area.

The arrested members were released after the gang gave nearly 20 rifles and 100,000,000 Syrian Liras to officers of the Intelligence Department to facilitate the release of the members.

It is worth noting that the release of the detainees took place in shady manners as there were several security and criminal files issued against them and they also failed to undergo the “compulsory service”, which further prevents their release without being referred to the “recruitment division”. However, the bribe they paid was enough for the officers to disregard all charges pressed against them.