The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Arbitrarily | Security services of Turkey arrest three people including elders and release others for ransoms

Aleppo province: The Military Police arrested a 39 years-old civilian in Rajo district in Afrin countryside after he returned to his birthplace in Afrin from displacement areas in northern Aleppo countryside, where he was arrested arbitrarily and his fate remains unknown.

It is worth noting that the civilian hails from Akka Village in Bulbul district in Afrin countryside.

The Civil Police arrested two elders, one of which is 71 years-old and the other is 74 years-old, who hail from Deir Ballot Village in Jinderes district in Afrin countryside for “dealing with the former Autonomous Administration”, where they were taken to an unknown destination and their fate remains unknown.

On the same context, the Military Police released two civilians from Afrin City after paying 1,000 USDs as ransoms, after they were detained in the central prison in Ma’arata Village in Afrin countryside.

It is worth noting that Afrin area, which is under the control of Turkish forces and their proxies, is witnessing daily arbitrary arrest campaigns against civilians, while the fate of the civilians who had arrested in previous time remains unknown, and who had released had to pay huge ransoms.