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New attack | Turkish drone targets Sa’ayedah petrol station in Al-Hasakah countryside, bringing the number of attacked stations to three

Al-Hasakah province: A Turkish drone targeted a third petrol station within areas controlled by the Autonomous Administration, where an explosion was heard in Sa’ayedah petrol station in  Al-Qahtaniyah village in Al-Qamishly countryside in northern Al-Hasakah. However, no casualties have been reported.


It is worth noting that the station is one of two main stations that feed (provide) more than 15 villages and telecommunication towers with electricity.


According to SOHR statistics, the number of stations that targeted by Turkish drones in hours has risen to three, they are as follows: an oil facility in Gerdaol, Al-Qaws station in northern Al-Jawadyeiah / Jal Agha and Sa’ayedah petrol station in Al-Qahtaniyah.


Accordingly, the number of Turkish air strikes during the recent Turkish escalation on SDF areas, following the threats of the Turkish Foreign Minister Haqan Vidan, increased to 16 in SDF areas, resulting in ten deaths and five injuries. The air strikes in detail:


– Three Turkish war bombing targeted an SDF facility and a financial headquarters in Mushayrifah area, and the “Military Rahbah” industrial zarea, near Washokani camp in Al-Hasakah countryside, resulting in the injuring of three of the facility’s workers.

– 13 air strikes by Turkish drones, distributed as follows:


– A site in Tal Habash village, south of Amuda in Al-Qamishly countryside.


-A military post in Al-Jawadiyah town “Chal Agha”.


– A site in Tawilah village in Tel Tamer countryside.


-A car at the construction post near Al-Mushayrifah.


-Hamma Water Station, north of Al-Hasakah.


-A military vehicle near Washokani camp in Tuwainah.


-The location in Jalabiyah village, near military tunnels


– A location southwest of Sarin


-An oil facility in Ger Dahol village in Terbespiyeh.


-Ala Qos village’s station in Chal Agha


-A location in Al-Rakbah village in Tel Tamer countryside.


-The western dam electricity transfer station, which supplies large parts of Al-Hasakah city and its countryside.


-Sa’ayedah petrol station in Al-Qahtanyah village.