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Ongoing escalation | Turkish forces continue to destroy infrastructure, targeting three oil refining stations in Al-Malikiyah countryside

A Turkish drone carried out several airstrikes on the oil refining stations of Hamz-bek, Qarjukh and Ar’aor in Al-Malikiyah countryside in north-eastern Al-Hasakah, putting them out of service. In addition, a power station related to the refining stations was put out of service.


Meanwhile, plumes of smoke were seen rising from the targeted areas.


Earlier today, a Turkish drone attacked a position in western Ain Issa in northern Al-Raqqah, but no casualties were reported.


According to SOHR statistics, the number of Turkish airstrikes since the beginning of the latest escalation on SDF-controlled areas on October 5, after threats by the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Hakan Fidan, has increased to 70, including 38 airstrikes carried out by drones. These attacks left 15 fatalities, including six civilians. The fatalities are distributed as follows:


-Nine persons in Al-Hasakah:


  • Six members of Internal Security Forces (Asayish) and two other persons were killed in an attack on a military institution in Al-Mushayrifah.


  • A civilian was killed in Tel Habash village in Amuda.


-Five persons in Kobani countryside:


  • Two tunnel workers in Jalabiyah village.


  • Three combatants in Sarin.


-One civilian was killed in an airstrike by a fighter jet on a station in Al-Qahtaniyah.


Here Is a breakdown of Turkish airstrikes on north Syria region since October 5:


-Attacks by fighter jets: 32 airstrikes targeted the following positions:


  • A military institution of SDF and the Bureau of Finance in Al-Mushayrifah area.


  • The industrial area near Washo Kani camp in Al-Hasakah countryside.


  • Oil stations and institutions in Kardahoul town.


  • The headquarters of “Star” radio station in Al-Qahtaniyah countryside.


  • Sikarka power station.


  • Maharakan checkpoint.


  • Positions in Al-Kherbah village in Amuda countryside.


  • Positions nearby Rouj camp.


  • Military positions in Zaghat village in Al-Malikiyah countryside.


  • Positions in Simalka village.


  • Taqal Baqal oil station.


  • Dayrek Battalion in Al-Malikiyah countryside.


  • Positions in Jabal Abd Al-Aziz village in Al-Hasakah countryside.


  • The COVID hospital in Kari Fara village in Al-Malikiyah countryside.


  • The paint plant near Ain Al-Arab city (Kobani).


  • A site near the sports hall in Kobani city.


  • Vital institutions in Karziru village, Mirka, Miral and Qarrah Joukh mountain in Al-Malikiyah countryside.


  • Khana water station.


  • Positions in the surrounding areas of Al-Malikiyah.


  • The textile plant in Amuda city.


  • Grain silos on the eastern outskirts of Amuda city.


  • The COVID hospital in Ain Al-Arab.


-Drone attacks: 38 attacks targeted the following positions:


  • A site in Tel Habash village in Al-Qamishli countryside, to the south of Amuda.


  • A military post in Al-Jawadiyah town (Jal Agha) in Al-Qahtaniyah.


  • A site in Tawilah village in Tel Tamr countryside.


  • A vehicle near the construction post near Al-Mushayrifah.


  • Hammah water station in northern Al-Hasakah.


  • A military vehicle near Washo Kani camp in Twinah.


  • A site in Jalabiyah village, near military tunnels.


  • A site in the south-west of Sarin.


  • An oil institution in Kardahoul town in Al-Qahtaniyah.


  • The power station in Alat Qaws village in Al-Jawadiyah (Jal Agha).


  • A site in Al-Rakbah village in Tel Tamr countryside.


  • Al-Sadd Al-Gharbi power station, which feeds large areas in Al-Hasakah city and countryside with electricity.


  • A power station on Al-Hizam Al-Gharbi road near COVID hospital in Al-Qamishli.


  • Al-Sa’idah oil station in Al-Qahtaniyah town.


  • Al-Oudah oil stations in Al-Qahtaniyah town.


  • Positions in Al-Dardarah village near Tel Tamr town in north-western Al-Hasakah.


  • A school in Dada Abdaal village in Tel Tamr countryside.


  • Positions near Hasoudah village on the M4 highway.


  • A power station in Kharab Askar.


  • A site near the dispensary in Milsoun neighbourhood in the east of Al-Qamishli city.


  • A power station in Amuda.


  • An oil institution near the power station.


  • An oil institution nearby Al-Oudah oil station.


  • An ice-block plant on the international highway.


  • The gas station in Al-Suwaidiya in Al-Qamishli countryside.


  • Sikarka power station.


  • Two power stations in Al-Qahtaniyah and Al-Qamishli on Al-Hizam road.


  • Mazkaft dam in Al-Qamishly countryside.


  • An oil station affiliated to Al-Oudah oil stations in eastern Al-Qahtaniyah.


  • The oil stations of Hamz-bek, Qarjukh and Ar’aor in Al-Malikiyah countryside (Dayrek).


  • A position in Ain Issa.