The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More deaths in the shelling and clashes in the vicinity of Darayya and clashes continue in al-Zabadani

Rif Dimashq Province:

Areas in the city of Erbeen in the Eastern Ghouta had an aerial bombardment, no information about casualties so far, while violent clashes are still taking place between Hezbollah, the Fourth Division, the Palestinian Liberation army and NDF continue against the Islamic Factions and local gunmen in the city of Zabadani and information about more casualties for both parties, amid dropping more barrel bombs by helicopters on areas in Zabadani, raising to at least 14 the number of barrel bombs dropped on the city since this morning, also it rose to 3 -including a military council commander in the Islamic Federation of Ajnad al-Sham- the number of fighters of the Islamic Factions who died in the bombardment and clashes against the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them in the vicinity of Darayya city in the Western Ghouta.