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Demanding hold Turkish regime accountable | Dozens of people go out in mass protest in Ain Al-Arab (Kobani)

Aleppo province: The residents in Ain Al-Arab (Kobani) city went out in a mass protest in Al-Mar’a Al-Hurra square in the centre of the city, condemning the Turkish attacks on areas in north-eastern Syria and demanding the imposing of a no-fly zone over the region and referring the Turkish regime to international courts for committing war crimes in the region, amid chanting slogans against the Turkish regime.


On the other hand, the Education Directorate in Euphrates region, Aal Al-Bayt association in Al-Tabqah and the Workers Union in north and east Syria issued a statement, condemning the crimes committed by the Turkish authorities, that caused substantial damage to infrastructure and left human casualties, including children, in several areas within areas controlled by the Autonomous Administration. In addition, they called upon international powers, human rights organisations and the guarantor states to stop (put an end to) the recent attacks by the Turkish authorities and refer them to international courts.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that dozens of people from Al-Hasakah and Malikiyah in Al-Qamishly countryside staged a protest, condemning the recent attacks by Turkish forces that targeted infrastructure and residential areas.


Moreover, dozens of people in Al-Qamishly city staged a sit-in protest in front of the Russian base near the Al-Qamishly airport, calling for immediate intervention, referring the Turkish regime to international courts and imposing a no-fly zone over areas in north-eastern Syria.


Meanwhile, shop owners in Amuda district in Al-Qamishly countryside also went on strike.


Similarly, residents in Al-Raqqah city staged a protest demanding the intervention of the International actors to take an effective action to put an end to Turkey’s violations and crimes in several areas in east and west Euphrates regions.