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Second time in 48 hours | Israel attacks Aleppo International Airport and puts it out of service

Israeli strikes targeted Aleppo International Airport hours after it returned back to operate, putting it out of service again.

This is the second attack on Aleppo International Airport in 48 hours.

Earlier today, Aleppo International Airport returned to work, less than 48 hours after the Israeli strikes on Thursday afternoon, October 12, which put Aleppo and Damascus international airports out of service, while airlines continue to programme their flights through Latakia Airport “Hmaimim”, pending the repair of the damaged parts of the tarmac of Damascus International Airport, which is almost completed by the efforts of maintenance teams.
SOHR sources confirmed that striking Damascus and Aleppo international airports was warning messages to prevent Iranian aircraft from landing at the airports and was not related to the shelling of the occupied Golan.
Israel simultaneously struck Damascus and Aleppo international airports with two raids, and the strikes affected the airports’ tarmac, putting them out of service, while air defences tried to counter the raids.
Flights were turned to Latakia airport “Hmaimim”, hours after the two airports were targeted.
SOHR sources confirmed that the two targeted airports had not witnessed any arrival of the military shipments of the Iranian militias, and that the Israeli targets came only to put the two airports out of service.
SOHR documented 34 attacks in 2023: 26 airstrikes and eight rocket attacks by ground forces, during which Israel targeted several positions in Syria, destroying nearly 71 targets, including buildings, weapons and ammunitions warehouses, headquarters, centres and vehicles.
These strikes killed 72 combatants and injured 85 others.