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Following latest events | Syrians express solidarity with Gaza and perform prayer for the martyrs

Hundreds of Syrians went out on protests in solidarity with residents of Gaza that is being subjected to Israeli shelling.

Al-Bab City in eastern of Aleppo, Atma in Idlib countryside and Tel Abyad City northern of Al-Raqqa witnessed protests denouncing the Arabic and Islamic silence.

Moreover, they performed prayers for the martyrs of Gaza in Al-Atareb City in Aleppo countryside, Jisr Al-Shughour and Al-Zawiyah Mountain in Idlib countryside.

Earlier today, hundreds of civilians went out on protests in the middle of the Syrian capital Damascus in solidarity with Gaza, and denouncing Israel, and they chanted “where are you Saddam Hussein, after you they sold Palestine.”

Moreover, the protestors raised the flag of Palestine and stressed the necessity of the union among Arabic nations and the wounded Gaza, in light of the crimes committed by Israel especially the attacks on hospitals.

Dozens of residents of Hawayj Bomasa’a Town within SDF-held areas in western Deir Ezzor countryside went out on protests denouncing the Israeli shelling on Gaza, and denounced the horrible massacre committed by Israel after Israel shelled a hospital and killed 500 people, while protestors raised banners that read “we are all Gaza” raising the Palestinian flag.

Moreover, other protests erupted in Tel Abyad Street in Al-Raqqa City, where the protestors raised the Palestinian flag and chanted against the international silence towards the case of the Palestinian people and the eradication committed against Gaza by Israel.

Yesterday, hundreds of residents of Idlib and its countryside, in addition to residents of Afrin, A’zaz and Al-Atareb in Aleppo countryside went out on protests to support the people of Gaza, who are being subjected to massacres by Israeli fire.
The protestors denounced the Arabic governments and the positions of Syria, Egypt and Tehran, and they called on for people of Gaza to stand in front of the vicious Israeli attacks on hospitals in Gaza, where hundreds of civilians including several children were killed.
Western positions in supporting Israel in its war on Gaza raised many questions about the reasons for this unprecedented public support, while Arab positions were criticized for their silence.