The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Retaliation campaign for Gaza” | Iranian-backed militias attack Al-Tanf and Koniko bases amid extreme secrecy by International Coalition

Iranian-backed militias started their attacks on bases of the US-led International Coalition in Syrian territory as part of “revenge campaign for Gaza,” after instructions by the command of the militias which executed their first two operations in the early hours of Thursday morning.


According to SOHR sources, three drones belonging to Iranian-backed militias attacked the International Coalition base in Al-Tanf area in the 55-kilometre de-confliction zone near Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian border. International Coalition Forces shot down two drones, while the third one attacked the Coalition base, causing material damage only.


Meanwhile, Iranian-backed militias fired rockets on the International Coalition base in Koniko gas field in Deir Ezzor countryside, where explosions were heard in the region. This was followed by frequent flights by International Coalition’s helicopters and fighter jets over the region.


According to reliable SOHR sources, the attack was carried out by cells affiliated to Iranian-backed militias from areas controlled by SDF and International Coalition Forces, and not from west Euphrates region. However, no casualties were reported.


This coincided with an extreme secrecy by the International Coalition shrouding these attacks.


It is worth noting that the command of Iranian-backed militias ordered their Syrian and foreign members deployed in areas in the desert along the Syria border, such as Homs and Deir Ezzor deserts, and to get ready for dealing with any developments, where the area has witnessed hectic movements by Iranian-backed militias.