The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Having been displaced from Afrin | Civilian arrested by regime security services in Aleppo city

Aleppo province: SOHR sources have reported that members of the regime’s state security service stationed at a checkpoint arbitrary arrested a civilian in his forties, while he was heading from the northern countryside of Aleppo to Aleppo city. The civilian was taken to a security centre and his fate remains unknown.


It is worth noting that the arrested civilian hails from Sheikhotka village in Ma’batli district in Afrin countryside, and he has been displaced to north Aleppo countryside.


Civilians in the northern Aleppo countryside face many challenges when they attempt to travel to Aleppo city, where many are harassed and arbitrarily arrested by regime security members stationed at makeshift checkpoints in that region.


On August 8, SOHR sources have reported that the fate of three university students from Daraa remains unknown, as regime forces arrested them, after storming the campus in Aleppo City and took them to an unknown destination, while sources suggested that the students were arrested to perform compulsory services.