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Ongoing attacks on infrastructure | Turkish forces shell power station in Ain Al-Arab countryside (Kobani), putting it out of service

Aleppo province: SOHR sources have reported that the power station in Shikhlar village in Ain Al-Arab countryside (Kobani) in eastern Aleppo, which provides the western countryside of Kobani with electricity, has been put out of service due to bombardment by Turkish forces on the station.


It is worth noting that attacking infrastructure, such as power stations and vital facilities, amounts to a war crime.


On October 6, SOHR sources reported that violent clashes erupted between SDF and pro-Turkey factions on the frontline of Zomghar village in western Ain Al-Arab countryside (Kobani) in eastern Aleppo, along with intense exchange of artillery fire between SDF on one hand, and Turkish forces and their proxies on the other, in several areas in north-east Syria, including Ain Issa, Ain al-Arab (Kobani), Al-Sajour in Manbij and villages in western Tel Abyad.


Meanwhile, Turkish forces fired heavy artillery shells on a power station in Ain Issa in Al-Raqqah countryside.