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Less than 90 hours after having been back in service | Israeli airstrikes hit Damascus and Aleppo international airports, putting them out of service

Israeli strikes in ten days put Aleppo airport out of service on three occasions and put Damascus airport out of service on two occasions

SOHR sources have reported that Israel renewed their attacks in Syrian territory, targeting the same sites which had been targeted in all rounds of October’s attacks.


According to SOHR sources, two rounds of violent simultaneous airstrikes carried out by Israeli fighter jets targeted, at dawn, Damascus and Aleppo international airports, precisely the two airports’ runways, putting the two airports out of service. In addition, the attacks left a man working in Damascus airport dead and another injured.


Reliable SOHR sources have confirmed that the attacks have not targeted any weapons or warehouses in the two airports, and that no weapons shipments belonging to Iranian-backed militias have recently arrived in any of the two airports. These are the same circumstances of the latest rounds of Israeli attacks in the part ten days.


It is worth noting that today’s round is the third on Aleppo international airport in the past ten days and the second on Damascus international airport in the same period, and all those rounds put the two airports out of service.


On October 12, Israel executed two airstrikes on Aleppo and Damascus international airports, targeting the runways of both airports, which led to putting them out of service, where plumes of smoke were seen rising from the targeted sites. Reliable SOHR sources confirmed then that no military shipments belonging to Iranian-backed militias arrived in Damascus and Aleppo international airports shortly before the attack, where the Israeli airstrikes which targeted the airports that day aimed at putting the two airports out of service.


While on October 14, Israeli strikes hit Aleppo international airport, a few hours after having been back in service, which led to putting it out of service once again. The attack also left five combatants injured.


SOHR documented 39 attacks in 2023: 29 airstrikes and ten rocket attacks by ground forces, during which Israel targeted several positions in Syria, destroying nearly 84 targets, including buildings, weapons and ammunitions warehouses, headquarters, centres and vehicles. These strikes killed 72 combatants and injured 93 others. The fatalities are distributed as follows:


  • 26 members of regime forces, including officers.


  • 31 Iranian-backed non-Syrian militiamen.


  • Six members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).


  • Four Iranian-backed Syrian militiamen.


  • Three members of the Lebanese Hezbollah.


  • Two members of “Al-Jihad Al-Islami” organisation.


In addition, those attacks left a man and a woman dead and other civilians injured.


The attacks are distributed regionally as follows:


  • Damascus and Rif Dimashq: 15 attacks.


  • Al-Quneitera: eight attacks.


  • Hama: two attacks.


  • Tartus: three attacks.


  • Aleppo: seven attacks.


  • Al-Suwaidaa: three attacks.


  • Daraa: four attacks.


  • Homs: three attacks.


  • Deir Ezzor: two attacks.


SOHR would like to point out that Israel sometimes targeted more than one province in a single attack.