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During past 24 hours | Turkish air force launch three strikes targeting Autonomous Administration areas and causing six causalities including civilians

Days after the cautious calm, drones of the Turkish forces resumed their aerial escalation, in different areas in northeastern Syria, targeting civilians and combatants, where they launched three airstrikes during the past 24 hours, resulting in the killing and injuring of six people including civilians, distributed as following:
– One airstrike on Aleppo resulted in the injury of two regime soldiers.
– two airstrikes in Al-Hasakah resulted in the killing of two commanders and a child, and the injury of a woman.
SOHR reviews the details:
October 26, Two regime soldiers were injured, due to the targeting of a stationing post of regime forces by a Turkish drone yesterday, in Al-Boghaz village west of Minbij in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, where the two injured soldiers were taken to the hospital for treatment, amid an alert among regime forces in the region.
October 27, a commander in SDF was killed by a Turkish drone, where he was targeted as he was leaving his house in Azadi Square in Al-Malikiyah/Derik in Al-Hasakah countryside, within areas controlled by the Autonomous Administration. It is noteworthy that the commander worked as a coordinator with the International Coalition Forces and was previously subjected to a failed assassination attempt by a Turkish drone.
October 27, a child died affected by the injury he sustained due to Turkish drone attack which targeted a commander of SDF near his house in Azadi square in Al-Malikiyah (Dayrek) in Al-Hasakah countryside, while the woman, who was injured in the same attack, is still receiving treatment in hospitals in Al-Hasakah.
October 27, a commander in SDF was killed by a Turkish “Kamikaze” drone targeted the vicinity of an agricultural company in Zaghat village in Al-Malikiyah\Derik countryside in Al-Hasakah.
Accordingly, the number of attacks carried out by Turkish drones on areas controlled by the Autonomous Administration in north and north-east Syria since early 2023 has increased to 93. These attacks left 79 fatalities, as well as the injury of over 83 others. The fatalities are distributed as follows:

• 17 civilians, including two children and two women, and three civilian officials of the Autonomous Administration, including a female.

• 59 combatants of military formations operating in areas controlled by the Autonomous Administration.

• Three regime soldiers.

Turkish drone attacks in SDF-controlled areas in 2023 are distributed regionally as follows:

• Al-Hasakah: 61 attacks left 13 civilians, including three women and a child, and 35 military personnel dead.

• Al-Raqqah: Three attack left no fatalities.

• Aleppo countryside: 29 attacks left 24 combatants, three regime soldiers and three civilians dead.