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Security chaos | Armed clashes erupted after smuggler stabbed a woman and tried to rape her daughter

Aleppo province: Violent clashes erupted with heavy and medium machine guns between gunmen displaced from Deir Ezzor and others from Manbij City in the centre of Jarablus City in eastern Aleppo countryside within “Euphrates Shield” area, with no information regarding the extent of damages.

This comes after a resident of Deir Ezzor, who works in smuggling humans to Turkey, stabbed a woman while trying to rob her while smuggling her to Turkey, and tried to rape her daughter.

Yesterday, a member of “Al-Hamza Division” from Al-Masifra Town and belongs to “Abdo Family” was assassinated by a member of “Hajo Family” due to old vendetta, on the road of Qabat Al-Shaikh in Al-Bab countryside eastern of Aleppo within “Euphrates Shield” area within areas of Turkish forces and their factions.