The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Attempting to put an end to infiltration by local gunmen | SDF establish tens of military posts on Euphrates river bank in Deir Ezzor

Deir Ezzor province: SOHR sources have reported that Syrian Democratic Forces started today to establish military posts on Euphrates river bank in areas under their control. According to SOHR sources, SDF have established nearly 120 military posts so far with the aim of preventing local gunmen from sneaking to SDF-controlled areas from areas controlled by regime forces and Iranian-backed militias in east Deir Ezzor countryside across the river.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that a young man was killed and two others were injured in shooting between members of SDF stationed in Al-Shahil Town in eastern Deir Ezzor countryside and the regime forces in Boqros Town on the opposite bank of Euphrates River.