The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Proliferation of arms | Grenade explosion injures three civilians in Arsal Al-Ward in Rif Dimashq

Rif Dimashq province: SOHR sources have reported that three civilians were injured by the explosion of a grenade thrown by a person during an infighting between him and people from “Melok” family in the centre of the outdoors market in Arsal Al-Ward town in Yabroud area in Rif Dimashq. The injured people were taken to Al-Nabak hospital.


On October 24, SOHR sources reported that a 15 years-old minor shot his father dead with a rifle in his head and body, at the instigation of his cousins, who had disputes with the victim due to an inheritance case in the family, inside his house in Jab Ghabsha Village in Sama’an Mountain area in Aleppo countryside.