The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Amid tightening security measures | Regime forces arrest ten women for “violating laws”

Aleppo province: SOHR sources have reported that regime soldiers stationed at Al-Ashrafiyah checkpoint arrested ten displaced women from Afrin, while crossing through the checkpoint, on charge of “possessing sums of money exceeding 150,000 SYP and uncustomed mobile phones. The women were taken to a regime security centre.


On the other hand, regime security services established a new checkpoint, a few metres away from that checkpoint, along with launching a security campaign targeting individuals exempted from military service and patients.


Civilians have complained from oppression practiced by members stationed on several checkpoints which are deployed in the area with short distances separating everyone from the others, such as the checkpoints of the air-force intelligence, military security and political security services and the 4th Division. Also, residents are forced to pay levies on those checkpoints to be allowed to cross.


Moreover, residents in north Aleppo countryside complain of several difficulties, especially while heading to Aleppo city centre, where they are subjected harassment and arbitrary arrests at regime checkpoints.


Furthermore, the region’s residents are complained of the inappropriate treatment by the checkpoints’ members with patients who have to head to Aleppo city to receive medical treatment.


Recently, regime forces have tightened security measures in the neighbourhoods of Aleppo city, imposed levies and driven young men to mandatory conscription.


On October 20, SOHR sources reported that members of the regime’s state security service stationed at a checkpoint arbitrary arrested a civilian in his forties, while he was heading from the northern countryside of Aleppo to Aleppo city. The civilian was taken to a security centre and his fate remains unknown.


It is worth noting that the arrested civilian hails from Sheikhotka village in Ma’batli district in Afrin countryside, and he has been displaced to north Aleppo countryside.