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For 200 USDs | Local councils in Aleppo countryside grant Syrian refugees in Turkey permission for vacation in Syria

The local councils in cities and towns of Al-Bab, Baza’a, Jarablus, Qabasin and Al-Ghandoura in Aleppo countryside announced the opening of registration for Syrian refugees in Turkey to enter Syria through Jarblus Crossing on a month-long vacation, for anyone holding the temporary protection card (Kimlik), in return of paying 200 USDs per person.

According to a statement issued by Al-Bab Local Council, the fees do not include children under the age of three years old, and it is necessary to attach a copy of the (Kimlik), and a copy of the bank’s response after paying the required fees, while it is allowed for Syrians to register for the vacation in any Turkish state for 50 persons per month.