The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Stab*bed to dea*th | Child kil*led in a fight with his relative in northern Al-Raqqa countryside

Al-Raqqa province: A 13 years-old child was stabbed to death with a white weapon in a fight with his relative, while they were working in yellow corn business in Al-Karama Town within SDF-held areas in eastern Al-Raqqa countryside.

The Syrian Observatory has documented 70 murder crimes in SDF-controlled areas since early 2023, where domestic violence and armed robbery were behind some of these murders, while motivations behind the others remained unknown. These murders left 76 civilian fatalities, including ten women and nine children; they are distributed regionally as follows:
• Al-Hasakah: 18 civilians, including five women and four children
• Deir Ezzor: 26 civilians, including a woman and a little girl.
• Al-Raqqah: 18 civilians, including three women and three children.
• Manbij: Ten civilians, including a woman.
• Ain Al-Arab (Kobani): Four civilians, including a little boy.