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Al-Hasakah | 200 Iraqi families deport Al-Hawl Camp in coordination between Iraqi government and Autonomous Administration

Al-Hasakah province: Buses carrying refugee Iraqi families left from Al-Hawl Camp in north eastern of Al-Hasakh towards Iraqi territory under heavy security, after the procedures and documents were finished, in light of plans to empty Al-Hawl Camp and deport refugees in coordination between the Immigration Committee and the Autonomous Administration, to return the Iraqi families of ISIS cells.

Earlier today, nearly 199 families of ISIS members of 776 Iraqi people prepared to leave Al-Hawl camp in north-eastern Al-Hasakah, heading towards Iraqi territory.
The families hail from Salah Al Deen, Naynawah, Al-Anbar, Karaoke, Babel and Baghdad.
This comes in light of coordination with the Iraq and the Autonomous Administration to hand over their citizens.