The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Following their arrival weeks ago | 700 members of “Elite forces” completely control areas surrounding the occupied Syrian Golan

SOHR sources have confirmed that the so-called “Elite forces”, comprising members of the “Syrian Resistance of the Liberation of Golan” and fighters of Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian and other nationalities, have imposed their control over areas surrounding the occupied Syrian Golan in Al-Qunaitrah countryside, western Rif Dimashq and parts of western Daraa countryside.


It is worth noting that those members had trained by Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.


The number of the members of the “Elite forces” is estimated to be more than 700 fighters who arrived to the area during October in batches, without any coordination with the military leadership of the Syrian regime.


The regime’s military leadership had given strict orders to regime forces deployed in that region prohibiting firing any shells or bullets towards the occupied Syrian Golan.


On October 15, SOHR sources confirmed that the military command within the Syrian regime instructed its military forces deployed on the border line with the occupied Golan in west of Rif Dimashq, Daraa and Al-Qunaitrah, not to fire any bullet or shell towards the territories occupied by Israel. Palestinian forces of Lebanese Hezbollah and Syrian resistance forces to liberate Golan are deployed on the aforementioned front, who are taking orders from the party in Syria, and shells launching operations that take place are carried out individually by the leaders of the groups who are in the region there.